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Auditor module for Kentico CMS tracks actions of users in administration interface and enables super users to verify their activity.


Auditor module for Kentico CMS is based on events fired by Kentico CMS and is relying on Scheduled tasks feature. Running Kentico CMS instance and having supporting features configured is essential for full function of the module.

Auditor module uses database bulk inserts to store logs in the database.


In order to install Auditor module you need to have access to file system and Kentico CMS solution in Visual Studio. Add a local NuGet package repository and install Auditor module for Kentico CMS package. You need to perform following steps:

During the installation Auditor module will create database table for audit logs. By default CMSConnectionString will be used for database connection. If you wish to store logs in different location, add another connection string with name AuditorConnectionString prior to module's installation. Also note that dbo database schema is used.


Auditor module needs to be configured and enabled before it starts auditing user actions. After installation of the module, open administration interface of Kentico CMS and log in as global administrator. Open Settings application and navigate to category Auditor   Actions.

After changing Auditor module settings you need to restart the application.

Inspecting logs

Auditor module stores information about users and their actions on the website. This information is very contextual. Therefore in order to display these logs most efficiently, you will find Auditor module's pages in various sections of Kentico CMS administration interface. See below for list of all pages with logs overviews.

Every overview table of Auditor pages enable additional filtering based on following data (see section 1 in image above):

After clicking on icon on log item row Auditor module will display dialog box with details of particular log item. It includes detailed information about:

All this data helps you diagnose any changes done to your website. You will find this information especially useful when investigating Settings keys changes, Staging tasks synchronization, Pages and their controls changes, etc.

For longer texts Kentico Auditor is able to display only differences between two updates which makes identifying changes a lot easier.

Actions on following objects in Kentico CMS are supported for logging:


Auditor module for Kentico stores data of all performed actions that are enabled in Settings. Over time this can be a large volume of data and therefore is not recommended to store them in the same database indefinitely.

Best practice is to set up a process to migrate data from Auditor module's database table to another server (Archive) or to delete them based on your requirements for data preservation.

Supported versions of Kentico CMS

Auditor module for Kentico supports both MVC and Portal Engine development models.

Currently Kentico CMS version 10 and 11 are supported.


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Other scenarios

Multi-site license, unlimited license, etc.

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Auditor module is licensed according to License Terms and Conditions (, 199kB) per domain name. In case multiple websites are running on single instance, only actions from website with valid Auditor module license and global objects are logged.

Once you submit a request, you will be redirected to payment gateway. In the comment field, please specify domain you are purchasing a license for. After your payment is cleared, you will receive your license via email.


Download archive contains NuGet package for selected version of Kentico CMS and license for localhost domain.


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